Oil Change and Services

121 Autoservice Garage only uses high-quality oils, fluids, and lubricants to make sure you enjoy top-class performance while driving on the road. Either it’s about Engine Oil Change, Steering oil or any type of fluid top-up service in Dubai, we are at service.

  • Engine Oil Change
  • Gearbox Oil Change
  • Steering Oil Change
  • Suspension Oil Change
  • Transfer Case Oil Change
  • Differential Oil Change
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change
  • Fully Synthetic Oil Change
  • Oil Flushing
  • Brake Oil Top up

We use all types of Oils and make sure our oil change service in Dubai will exceed the quality standards and we will never receive any type of complain.

Filter Services

Air and Cabin Filter


Here in 121 Autoservice Garage, we  uses high-quality and branded filters to make sure you enjoy top-class performance while driving on the road. 

  • Cabin Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Air Filter

Naturally, your air filters should be replaced in case of any damage. However, to maintain the highest possible performance of your car, it is recommended to replace your air filters at least every  (19,000 to 24,000 km). This interval should be reduced if you often drive in dusty conditions such as UAE.

Brake Services

It will include flushing out the old brake fluid and replacing it with new fluid, replacing brake pads, resurfacing rotors, and cleaning, adjusting, and lubricating other braking mechanisms.

Brake Service Dubai